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The Wellness Toolbox: A New Interview Series

Let's talk. People are standing by to listen.

And even if they're not: this is about YOU sharing your story. It's about knowing that you've been through something, and you've come out the other side - or that you're going through it, and you're dealing with it one step at a time. We get it - we've been there - and we know that it's a process. For those who are ready to share, or even think they might be, submit your story below. 

It goes like this:

1) Submit story.

2) Talk to your show host Nina briefly by phone. Nina will ensure that you're ready to share your story, and that it's safe for you to do so. When you both agree it's time, you'll move on to Step 3.

3) Set up a date to spend one hour at HCAT's Office.

4) Review interview questions sent to your e-mail.

5) Arrive to your scheduled hour. Each storyteller will engage in a 30 minute Expression Session on the story, and a 30 minute interview following. An Expression Session introduces you to drama therapy techniques, and allows you time to warm-up before the interview even begins! The interview is then recorded for editing.

That's it! Then just stay tuned for your episode date, which will either be the 2nd or 4th Wednesday of the month, at 7 P.  Still have questions? We have answers! Reach out at (281) 713-5165 for more info.

Join The Tribe

The Wellness Toolbox's goal is to share stories that inspire us to discover, recover, and embrace - whatever that means to each individual, as we are all unique. Everyone has a challenge they've been through, and everyone has a tool that helped them to get through it. That's what we're looking for - the life challenge, and how you have, or are, overcoming it. 

Submit Your Story

Empower yourself to find balance.