What We're About

Seeking powerful transformation, in creative ways

Empowering you to flip the script at a pace that offers meaningful change.

Houston Creative Arts Therapy empowers people of all ages to discover their truth, recover their voice, and embrace the power within to move forward. If you are struggling with disconnection, trauma, drama, or relationships - from creatives to first responders and everything in between - HCAT is built to support you in creatively seeking balance and connection in your life.  

HCAT is the only place in Houston offering a leader in drama therapy techniques, and as such is a unique splash of hope on the map of therapies in our area. HCAT's services come from a place of acceptance and compassion, as well as offering clients the tools to cope with the present, and deal with oneself and ones past. Rather than pushing away the events that shaped us, we at HCAT acknowledge what is present and empower our clients to become stronger individuals, compassionate leaders, and Mindful Warriors. 

HCAT founder and facilitator, Nina, utilizes the creative therapeutic process to help people regain the confidence and sense of safety lost from daily drama, trauma, PTSD, and other challenges of life. Nina uses her lived and clinical experiences to design a framework of creative sessions that assist you to find your inner voice, and empower you to take back your life. Nina specializes in:

  • Individual Therapy for Adults & Adolescents (Traditional Talk & Creative Interventions)
  • Supplemental Support for Children (Working With Other Primary Therapists, Schools, etc.)
  • Group Therapy (Contracted Off-Site)
  • Mindful Warrior Workshops (Empowerment & Leadership-Based)
  • Therapeutic Theatre Events (As Scheduled for Community Organizations)  


Behind the Curtain

A peek inside our therapeutic space: featuring Director & Registered Drama Therapist Nina L. Garcia.

Client FAQ

Clients Ask - Therapist Nina Answers:

What happens in a session?

We talk about your concerns up front, and clarify goals moving forward. Each session runs in a five part series, including a check-in, warm-up, action, reflection, and closure. This framework helps ensure material is activated, processed, and dealt with in a way that feels safe - allowing you to leave the session feeling emotionally stable, cognitively grounded, and actively curious about your next moves!    

I'm not an actor - can I do Drama Therapy?

I would challenge you to find a time you are not acting! Therapy shouldn't be a performance, and yet for many of us that is precisely how we feel from day to day - like we are either A) performing to fit in, B) not performing well enough to fit in, or C) unsure how to perform or "Be" at all. Drama Therapy merely hones in on humanity's natural tendency to play different roles depending on our surroundings, and helps you to find balance within and between them.  

What sort of issues do you treat?

People come to see me for concerns regarding their emotions (feeling too much, not enough, or nothing), thoughts (thinking too much, blocked, or disorganized), and their behaviors (impulsive/dangerous, rigid/stifling, and so on). Your diagnosis is important to me only in that I know best practices - your humanity is of primary concern.

How can this enhance my personal practice?

HCAT primarily works with narratives stored in the body, and is able to work as a supplementary tool for those eager to enhance their embodied processing experience. Got tension all the time? Snap for "no reason"? We know there's a reason - and we want to help you find it. View the HCAT Brochure for more info.

It's time.

Empower yourself to reach out.

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"One must learn to love oneself...with a wholesome and healthy love, 

so that one can bear to be with oneself and need not roam." 

- Friedrich Nietzsche

Empower yourself to find balance.

Insurance Note:

HCAT provides a Superbill to you for reimbursement from your Insurance Provider. 

Please consider speaking with your Provider prior to scheduling to ensure reimbursement.