Nina L. Garcia, MA, RDT

Creative Arts Therapist


Registered Drama Therapist


As a Master’s level clinician with Drama Therapy training from New York University, as well as Musical Theatre training from Sam Houston State University, I have lived a life that specializes in meeting challenges with creative interventions.  My style is both bold and compassionate: I have helped survivors of trauma in hospitals, jails, detention centers, residential treatment centers, non-profits, offices, and in their own homes.  I have moved, held, danced, and yelled along with people processing their anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, eating disorders, personality disorders, gender dysphoria, and the one we all deal with at some point in life - identity and role confusion.  What I do is powerful work, and yet it meets you quite delicately right where you are at in your process - we take the time that is needed to make the work work.  I am honored to support people from all ages and walks of life, yet those who identify as independents, creatives, and/or survivors tend to be most drawn to the type of energy I provide in sessions.  If you’re ready for meaningful change, at a pace that works for your unique journey - I’m so ready to meet you.  Reach out, and let’s see what we can make happen.  

Empower yourself to find balance.

Insurance Note:

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