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HCAT utilizes a therapeutic theatre process [called MWT] that contains evidence-based practices for groups and individuals to address personal concerns as well as issues within their community. As all people possess an individual culture, MWT focuses on the individual’s perspective relative to community relationships. Performances may be from an already-existing script or devised from the lived experiences of the performers. 

Each rehearsal includes: 

Mindful Warm-Up > Presenting Concerns > Embodied Interventions > Reflection > Mindful Closure

Every project leads up to a final therapeutic theatre performance, whether private or public.

Experiences can address or enhance: 



Embodied Leadership

Prosocial Behavior

Emotional Resilience


Conflict Resolution

Interpersonal Communication

Innovative Mindset

Role Training

Group Streamlining

Positive Ego

Artistic mediums used may include:









and more.

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These are incredibly unique projects that can take as little as one week to as much as one or more months to define. Contact us today to see how we can create a therapeutic theatre event that meets the needs of you, and your family or organization. 

How it Works

STAGES 1 AND 2 - Mindfulness Development: Learn

heart and mind

Basic self-awareness exercises for developing self- knowledge including:

  • Mindful Breathing Techniques
  • Mindful Visualization & Meditation
  • Mindful Sensory Practice

STAGES 3 AND 4 - Embodied Interventions: Practice

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Shared stories and intercultural dialogue allow for the embodiment of real and imagined situations to address present concerns. This could include using art, drama, music, dance, poetry and more as a means of expression regarding the concern. Role training also occurs during this section, as we move toward self-realization & answering: who do we intend to be within our community?

STAGES 5 AND 6 - Change, As Performance: Express

Community of diverse people

The individual and group’s desires to self-actualize particular values discovered within the space culminates in a final performance. We want to share the diplomatic solutions within our community as an offering of perspective. The goal for systemic change - at the individual and community level - is made evident in the final performance. 

MWT Resources

Theoretical framework supporting the Mindful Warriors Troupe process.  

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