Community Collaborations: A History

Group Project: Roles of the Spirit

As life hands me obstacles, who do I choose to be - Victim, Victimizer, or Victor? Can I change? 

Can I offer compassion? How much power do I have?

Artistic Medium: Dance, Music, Acting, Makeup, Costume

Location: Youth Power! Bronx, NY for Arts + Activism Event

Group Project: NYC Gridlock

How can we instill play in the city?

Artistic Medium: Clowning, Acting

Location: Washington Square Park, NYC in support of Red Nose Day

3 - Mindfulness in the Passing of a Loved One

I sought to create a project with my grandfather that would lead to a deeper connection in life while offering our community a sense of healing after his death...Grandpa and I...We built a bridge that I hope more people will build within their own families - death comes for all of us. But if you know it's coming, don't shy away. Face it. Acknowledge it. Live through it. And let your loved ones live on through you. 

Individual Project: Honoring Life After Loss

How can we connect with a loved one in life, and offer healing for their community after death? 

Artistic Medium: Recorded Interview w/Tracks; Interactive Station

Location: Interviewer, Teaneck, NJ - Interviewee, Houston, TX; Funeral - Houston, TX


Group Project: Identities in America

How many of your boxes do I have to check, before you let me own MY story? #PRIDE

Artistic Medium: Live Public Performance

Location: New York City, NY

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