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Consultation - Free/15 min.

Consultations are an important part of the therapeutic process as they ensure both you and your creative arts therapist are on the same page in regard to your mental health, wellness, individual, and community goals. As such, they are offered complimentary as a tool to use in your journey. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

Individual Therapy Session - $95/50 min.

Ideal for those who know the past may be affecting their present, and want more control over their future. This private processing utilizes creative wellness interventions to process difficult experiences, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Sessions may utilize role playing, improvisation, dance/movement, music, art, poetry, and other creative mediums. See examples of common concerns addressed here.

Group Therapy Session - $40/60 Min. or $150/Month

For more information on creating a group for your community, contact group leader Nina L. Garcia at (281) 713-5165 or e-mail here.


"Expression Session" Mental Health Adjustment - $55/30 Min.

Got a lot to get out, and want to do it safely? This is the place to do it. An affordable, transformative approach to wellness in a private 1 to 1 session that is empowering, compassionate, and expressively embodied - no matter what your movement level. Sessions utilize intentional improvisation to express thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in a safe space. Schedule your mental health adjustment here.

Massage Session

Coming Soon

Yoga Session

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Wellness Memberships: coming Spring 2020

Members will be redirected to HCAT's Client Portal to create their personalized mental health and wellness accounts.

Workshops & Events

Mindful Warrior Workshop - $150/60 Min.+Travel

Empowerment-based, theatrical event offering tools for resilience in an expressive space: designed to meet the specific needs of the organization or family in question. Mindful Warrior Workshops inspire participants to develop and express individual and group leadership skills with candor, vulnerability, and empathy. Contact us to discuss your goals today.

Therapeutic Theatre Events - Price Varies

Devised and/or scripted performance with a small community of people experiencing a particular mental health or wellness concern. Performances are created  as therapeutic theatre to empower the participants, as well as outreach to their personal communities for an increase in perspectives, empathy, and resilience.  Learn more here, and contact us to set up your consultation today.

Empower yourself to live your best life.

Insurance Note:

HCAT provides a Superbill to you for reimbursement from your Insurance Provider. 

Please consider speaking with your Provider prior to scheduling to ensure reimbursement.